7-day Trip: Veal Thom Wilderness Trek

Duration: 7 days - 6 nights

District: Taveng

Maximum Group Size: 8 people




Day 1: Start at the Ecotourism Office in Banlung.  Purchase food with your park ranger guide at the Banlung Market. Start your travel by Motorbike from Banlung to Taveng District. There you take a boat down the Se San river to a Brau village (Phum Phayang / Tompourn Rieng Touch/ Sieng Say). Spend the afternoon and night in the village and enjoy a jar of local rice wine with your homestay family.


Timing: Banlung to Taveng ~ 1.5hrs

 Taveng to Brau village ~ 30 minutes


Day 2 - 7: Leave the village in the morning with your park ranger guide, indigenous guide and porters to Phnom Veal Thom, natural mountain grassland deep in the park. Trek for 2-3 days to reach the grassland. Spend 1-2 nights on the grassland, depending on progress made. Look out for wildlife in the early mornings and evenings - Sambar Deer, Gibbons, Douc Langurs, Wild Pig, Great Hornbills, Muntjac Deer and bear species inhabit this area. Lucky visitors may glimpse a Gaur - an endangered wild cattle species. Return from the grassland on the same trek and spend the sixth night in the Brau village of Phum Ko Pong on the banks of the SeSan River or in the forest depending on the progress you make. On 7th day return by boat up the Se San River to Taveng. Have lunch in Taveng and return to Banlung by motorbike.

This trek ascends gradually through relatively undisturbed, semi evergreen forest for about 500m, up river valleys and over small mountains to reach the grassland. It requires a relatively high level of fitness.


Timing: Village to grassland ~2-3 days

Village to Taveng District ~3-4 hrs


Note: For small parties or when the boat is unavailable it is possible to travel by motorbike to Phum Phayang or Phum Sieng Say from Taveng and return by motorbike from the same village at the end of the trek. The trip takes approx. 30min one way.

 If visitor are good trekker it’s possible to do the trek in 5 days (4 nights).