3-day Trip: Yeak kong Kriev Mountain Trek

Duration: 3days- 2nights

District: Taveng

Maximum Group Size: 8 people




Day 1: Start at the Ecotourism Office in Banlung.  Purchase food with your park ranger guide at the Banlung Market. Start your travel by Motorbike from Banlung to Taveng District, to Tabok village. There your guide will organize a boat to travel upstream on O’Tabok stream. After a short stop at Choeur Teng Cliff you will arrive at Mondol Yorn village, on the edge of the park, before sunset. Say hello to your host family for the next night and take a bath in the river before having dinner.


Timing: Banlung to Tabok village ~ 1.5hrs in dry season (2hrs in wet season)

Tabok village to Cheour Teng Cliff ~ 20 min

Choeur Teng Cliff to Mondol Yorn village ~2 hrs


Day 2: After breakfast with your host family you start your walk from the village via the plateaus of tall trees, look out for wildlife along the trail. You cross different types of bamboo forest before you walk up Yeak Kong Kriev Mountain. There you have an amazing view over the nearby hills and forest valleys. Explore the top of the mountain and cross the grassland, where in rainy season often animals come to drink from the water hole.

Continue your trek down the steep mountain and through several stream valleys before you stop for lunch. The food will provide you enough energy to walk deeper in the forest up the small mountain area to reach Yeake Waterfall. In rainy season, it is impressive scene. In dry season, the waterfall gives enough water for a bath and peaceful sound of waterfall music. Please enjoy climbing up to 30m deep valley for the attractive landscape here.   Set up the camp with a little bonfire to cook and warm up for the night. Enjoy your sound sleep throughout the night with nature music.


Timing: Village to the Mountain ~3 hrs

Mountain to Lunch place ~1 hr

Lunch place – Waterfall ~2 hrs


Day 3: Awake in the morning with the calls of gibbons and other wildlife. Start your walk back to the village. Enjoy the last time the feeling of the forest and cross the park buffer zone before arriving in the village. Before lunch take a bath in the river too cool down a bit. The boat will bring you back to Tabok village, where you take the Motorbike to arrive in Banlung before darkness.


Timing: Waterfall to Village ~2 hrs

Mondol Yorn Village to Tabok Village~2 hrs

Tabok Village to Banlung Town ~1.5 hrs