2-Day Trip: O'Tabok river Trek

Duration: 2 days - 1 night

District: Taveng

Maximum Group Size: 8 people



Day 1: Start at the Ecotourism Center in Banlung.  Drive by Motorbike to Taveng District and continue to Tabok village. Take a boat her to go up on O’Tabok stream, a small tributary of Sesan river, with birds and flowers along the river bank. You will arrive in Mondol Yorn village, an ethnic Brau village on the edge of the Park. Make contact with the host family and take a bath in the river.


Timing: Banlung to Tabok village ~ 1.5hrs in dry season (2hrs in wet season)

Tabok village to Cheour Teng Cliff ~ 20 min

Choeur Teng Cliff to Mondol Yorn village ~2 hrs


Day 2: After local breakfast start from the Brau village via a section of the Ho Chi Minh trail and through bamboo forest up to Yeak Kong Kreive field. A Grassland where you can spot animals in rainy season and where you have a magnificent view over the mountains around. Enjoy the fresh cool air up the mountain before you loop back through Buffer zone to the village. After lunch with your host family a boat will bring you back to Tabok village. From there you take the Motorbike to arrive in the afternoon in Banlung.       

Timing: Village to Mountain ~ 2hrs

 Mondol Yorn to Tabok ~1.5 hrs.

Tabok to Banlung ~1.5 hrs.