Community based ecotourism

Community-Based Ecotourism (CBET) has the purpose to create sustainable and local managed Tourism to preserve the Environment and local culture.

In Virachey National Park the overall goal is to preserve the unique forest and declining biodiversity. Further the peoples living around in the bufferzone of the Park lived independent for ages and preserved a culture, close to nature and the basic needs of life. Now it’s important to keep this culture as the outside influences increase every year and endanger the indigenous culture that survived the last centuries.

CBET in Virachey National Park want to introduce Tourists to completely different way of life and an ancient forest that need to be protected. The goal is not to develop a large scale tourist attraction, but to create low impact tours to support the local population and give the forest a new value. Not as cut wood but as living trees.

All Tours have a local Khmer and indigenous language speaking guide and an English speaking Eco-Ranger from the National Park. By this it’s guaranteed that you can break through all linguistic barriers and you can develop a closer relationship with the local people.


The main objective of CBET in Virachey National Park:


  • Encourage local community to participate to protect and conserve its environment and biodiversity for the future.
  • Preserve indigenous culture.
  • Improve local livelihood.