Vision and Mission

The purpose of Virachey National Park is to preserve and protect:


  • Cambodians terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity including evergreen, semi-evergreen, deciduous and bamboo forest types, grassland and wetlands
  • And area of exceptional natural and scenic beauty
  • Endangered, threatened, endemic and rare species or species of special concern or of exceptional value
  • The unique association and mosaic of habitats and land-forms that give the park a distinctive character, especially the fragile mountain ecosystem
  • The valuable water catchment function of the area
  • The scenic quality aesthetic and interesting cultural attributes that can support sustainable tourism development
  • The cultural and natural ecological processes that support and enhance the evolution of the park’s biodiversity while ensuring the interests of local communities.


The Mission


The Mission of the Virachey National Park is to conserve and sustainably manage the natural and cultural resources of the Park in partnership with local communities and other stakeholders for the benefit of the people from local communities and Cambodia as a nation.