Indigenous People

Various different indigenous groups settle along the borders o Virachey National Park. Most of them are parts of the following groups:

  • Kavet
  • Brao
  • Kreung
  • Jarai
  • Lun
  • Lao
  • Tampeun
  • Kachok
  • Ethnic Chinese
  • Ethnic Khmer
  • Ethnic Vietnames

 Especially the indigenous groups lived independent for generations. The solidarity in the village is very important and their main social surrounding. Every indigenous group has its own language although most of them are Mon-Khmer languages and they sometimes can understand each other.


The indigenous people believe in Animism where the trees and land are a part of their spirit forest.  They have rituals that give respect to the powerful forces of nature and build shrines and totems for ancestors.

The use the forest for their traditional food and medicines, plants and animals are also used for their cultural rites and ceremonies.

Traditional Rice Planting
Traditional Rice Planting
Handmade chicken cage
Handmade chicken cage