About the National Park

Virachey National Park is located in the very North East of Cambodia on the border of Vietnam and Laos. In both neighboring countries further protected zones as the Mom Ray Nature Reserve and the Dong Ampham Protected Area border with the area of Virachey and altogether they form one of the largest protected areas of Southeast Asia.

With 3,325 km² it is the largest National Park in Cambodia and most parts of the forest, mountains and grasslands remain unexplored. You can find several settlements around the borders of the Park, but inside you won’t find any village or human disturbance. As of the large unknown area the probability to find undiscovered wildlife species is still high.

For centuries, the hills of Ratanakiri Province have been the home to various indigenous groups and until today you can find a cultural diversity here as nowhere else in Cambodia. Most of the people living close to the National Park are still heavily depending on the natural Resources around them. A lot of villages take part in the ecotourism programs to conserve their nature and forest for the next generations.

Looking back to the past the National Park also has a dark face as big parts were used from Vietnamese soldiers as part of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, in Cambodia called Sihanouk Trail.

In 2003 Virachey National Park was declared an ASEAN Heritage Park.